Covid-19 Horizon Scan: Sanitisation and Social Distancing Technologies


Covid-19 has caused disruption and discontinuity across all forms of travel. We are facing a dynamic situation with high levels of uncertainty. There are a wide range of potential implications for the future of GB rail, which are emerging as the crisis evolves.

In light of this, the Technology Leadership Group (TLG) has asked RSSB to identify and monitor the technological responses in two key areas of the Covid-19 response: sanitisation and social distancing.

We are scanning for technology innovations, products and services which address the issues posed by Covid-19. We are also considering how social, behavioural, organisational, legislative and economic themes may impact the adoption of individual technologies, or how they are used in combination. The scanning covers developments in GB rail, international rail, and across a range of other sectors.

RSSB will publish updated information every two weeks. As useful insights increase, we will start to cluster solutions around common themes and identify emerging trends.

To make this scanning initiative as useful as possible to the industry, we are taking an open and collaborative approach. We welcome contributions from GB rail. Please let us know if you are working on these issues, or have identified items which you think would be relevant. We will acknowledge your organisation. Please contact Guy Yeomans (Principal – Horizon Scanning) by emailing

Disclaimer: any technologies, products or services highlighted are included for the purposes of information only and no endorsement or verification of their suitability for the purposes stated is being made by RSSB.

Covid-19 Horizon Scanning Reports

Pandemic - Face mask

Covid-19 Horizon Scan 1: Sanitisation and Social Distancing

Covid-19 Horizon Scan 2: Sanitisation and Social Distancing

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