Research, analysis and insight delivered by RSSB help industry to tackle the issues of today and enable the railway of the future to be better, safer and more sustainable. 

Our research programme, mainly funded by the Department for Transport, is uniquely placed to tackle cross-industry challenges and make system interface improvements that could not be addressed by individual organisations. This may be due to market and incentive failures, or simply because a strong, independent organisation is needed to bring together multiple stakeholders.  Access our Research Catalogue for more information. 

The research programme is also the only funding mechanism that is available to industry to ensure cross-industry standards are evidence-based. It serves to maintain and improve GB’s strong position in rail safety analysis and modelling, which are key to informing industry decision making. And it is essential to actively pursue opportunities that are expected to yield substantial benefit over several control periods or longer, driven by the vision set out in the industry’s Rail Technical Strategy and Rail Sustainable Development Principles.

RSSB helps industry to:

  • improve existing solutions and technologies that could make a difference to today’s railway
  • identify and investigate novel solutions and technologies that could unlock radical benefits
  • take forward key research findings and implement the solutions developed
  • gain insights into knowledge and technology transfer opportunities from other sectors, and on future technologies and trends and their implications for rail.

Join us at a Research and Innovation event

Our events include dissemination workshops for specific initiatives and projects; showcases and roadshows for the overall programme; competition launches; and events that we organise and support on behalf of UKRRIN. See all upcoming RSSB events.