Linking you with great findings and solutions

Our research focuses on producing new knowledge, approaches, guidance and tools that have real-world value and impact. 


Read the latest R&I Quarterly Summary for real examples of how findings and solutions are being used and what is available now. 


Come along to a free Research and Innovation event. Events range from interactive showcases to highlight a range of current projects and new findings, to dissemination workshops for specific initiatives. We also run launches for research competitions, and conferences and events that we organise on behalf of UKRRIN.

Advice tailored to your organisation

We can provide specific help to you and your organisation to implement findings through:

  • tailor-made research and innovation summaries, to help you understand how research can tackle your organisation’s business challenges
  • showcase events, which can be hosted at your premises and tailored to your interests. We will brief staff on the latest findings and discuss the opportunities and practical challenges of new approaches
  • one-to-one advice and guidance to help you make the most of our research.

For more information, contact Robert Staunton, Research & Innovation Account Manager:

Facilitation and funding for your research

Tell us about research needs and ideas that your organisation cannot pursue in isolation. We review hundreds of research suggestions each year.

Once we have agreed that your proposal has cross-industry value, we work with you and other stakeholders to define the research questions and agree the best approach to delivery. 

  • When the research question is clearly defined, we either use expertise within RSSB or run an open procurement. Use Contracts Finder to find out about research activities tendered by RSSB.
  • When the research question is open-ended and we need to explore new solutions or approaches to cross-industry challenges, we can run research competitions. They are open to innovators, academics and the supply chain. 
  • Grants are also available to help consortia run projects with a direct industry application, in exchange for full or partial sharing of the findings. A consortium can apply for up to half of the total cost of a project, with the partners contributing at least 20 per cent in cash and the remainder in-kind. You can find guidance and an application form at the foot of the page.
  • We establish strategic partnerships with academia to co-fund specialised research. Examples include our work on engineering and safety risk modelling with the University of Huddersfield, and economic modelling with the Institute of Transport Studies at the University of Leeds.
  • In some cases, we start with a knowledge search or technology review. These can help you to make use of information that is already out there, and avoid duplication.

Next steps

Use the forms at the foot of the page to:

  • propose a new research idea
  • ask for a knowledge search to gather existing knowledge on any topic, and review how it might transfer to GB rail
  • apply for a grant.