Providing cost-effective first-class training courses to help everyone develop excellence in the global rail industry.

Just like all our products and services, our training is pitched to meet genuine industry need and designed to be delivered in a way that suits the interests of our members and the wider railway family.

The railway relies on high-calibre, competent professionals at the top of their game. Whether you are part of day-to-day operations, strategy, management or leadership, you will need access to training courses to build, develop and refresh you and your teams’ capabilities.

There are many options out there for training, but for many in rail, budgets are tight and opportunities to free up time in rosters and diaries can be scarce. Choosing high quality training without incurring unnecessary cost and resource is a must.

Our trainers are renowned for their expertise and feedback from delegates is usually incredibly positive, with companies sending back more cohorts each time. We’re committed to providing excellent standards of training using expertise from our own engineers, risk modellers, human factors specialists and widely experienced professionals from the rail industry and other sectors, supported by the most reliable trainers who have shown their own commitment to continuous professional development and to raising standards for all.

Our range of training courses, programmes and events are designed exclusively with industry in mind – particularly our members – so that the railway is getting the best out of our knowledge, expertise, products and services, reducing the overall cost and effort involved.

And as RSSB is a rail industry body, it’s only the industry destined to benefit, as prices are kept low, with proceeds only paying for the cost of developing and delivering the training courses with any additional surplus recycled back into developing future courses for our members’ benefit.

Training courses

All our training courses have been reviewed by a person competent in training course development, before they are allowed to be delivered, our current offering includes:


Why does RSSB charge for training courses?

RSSB is a rail industry body operating as a not-for-profit organisation. We need to charge fees to attend our training courses, to cover the cost of running the training itself, the development of materials, refreshments, and the trainers’ time. Industry also want us to ensure we don’t sell ourselves short. Our members want us to retain value-for-money rates which are conducive to their budgets, but make sure the training “pays its way” for RSSB as a business, and that any revenue is recycled back into the railway, meeting member needs through RSSB’s business plan. This is critical to avoid the risk of using additional member funding to subsidise the training.

The trainers

Most of our training will use at least two trainers to deliver the programme At least one of them will be an expert in the course subject matter and one of them will be a competent qualified trainer.


If you would like us to deliver one of our training courses at your own location and tailored for your organisation or if you have suggestions for a new training course you would like us to develop, please email and we will contact you to discuss how we can support you. 



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