Contribute to Sharing Cross Industry Health and Wellbeing Data

Taking industry agreed metrics and providing an easy to use model for transition, RSSBs bulk upload report provides a way forward to share Health and Wellbeing data.

​RSSB’s Bulk Upload Report highlights that meaningful data can be gained via a bulk upload from company systems. The data collected provides capability for analysis between companies, industries, regions and countries. This data can be used to make cases for industry change through empirical evidence from across rail. Users of the data set can benchmark performance and drive rail companies to be amongst the best in the UK in Health and Wellbeing management. Rail companies can achieve this cross-industry data collection easily using and amending their own company systems within our suggested maturity development framework. There are six attributes needed to understand company-level data in the context of UK business and rail: 

  1. Absence data categories
  2. Work related (self-reported) absence
  3. Occupational Health Referrals
  4. Work Related (self-reported) Occupational Health Referrals
  5. Health Surveillance
  6. Four question wellbeing survey

We suggest that these attributes are built up over time to allow for adjustments to company processes and software and continued use of their own systems. Companies should sign up to cross-industry H&W data collection and then report on as many of the attributes as possible. The level of reporting will reflect in the maturity of cross-industry data collection agreed at:

  • Bronze Level: Any Two attributes aligned to cross-industry data set
  • Sliver Level: Any Four attributes aligned to cross-industry data set
  • Gold Level: All Six attributes aligned to cross industry data set

The next steps to facilitate the progress of H&W data collection should be:

  • Senior level agreement to back cross industry data collection.
  • A graduated data collection award scheme based on maturity of data
  • Wide rollout to collect data on an initial six-monthly basis.
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