Health and Wellbeing in the Rail Industry - A Map of the Future

In 2013, over 100 rail industry professionals came together to discuss the future of health and wellbeing in the sector. Then together they mapped out the steps it would take to get there. The result was a roadmap.

​​The roadmap contains a journey of achievable tasks that will bring about the new vision of: ‘An industry where everyone takes responsibility for health and wellbeing and benefits from it’. The roadmap isn’t set in stone, it is intended to evolve, and will be regularly updated to reflect changes in the industry.


The themes addressed in the roadmap are:

  • Industry leadership: rail leaders promoting rail as a good place to work
  • Health and engagement: employees believing the industry is a place they can thrive
  • Health knowledge: ensuring the industry is knowledgeable in its use of health expertise
  • Reporting and monitoring: showing the industry can improve health
  • Behavioural change: increasing how proactive the industry is about health

Rail's collaborative groups work together to deliver the roadmap.

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