Using a Health and Safety Maturity Model to Upgrade your Capability

Whether you are a designer or client we want to help you make well informed, health driven decisions. With Manchester University, we are piloting a tool that you can use to self-evaluate your organisation’s current capability and identify any areas in which you can develop even further.

RSSB is piloting the use of the ‘Design for occupational safety and health capability maturity indicator’ or DfOHS-CMI on behalf of Manchester University and its railway members.

This web-based tool provides a robust and systematic method for profiling design for occupational safety and health capabilities of an organisation. It is designed for those who perform design functions in the rail and construction sectors, such as architects, engineering designers and design and build contractors.

DfOSH organisational capability describes the capability of a construction organisation to implement DfOSH. DfOSH organisational capability can be two-fold: 1) generic organisational capability (such as the organisational capability of a design firm in relation to its broad sector(s) of operation); and 2) project-specific organisational capability; so, organisational capability in relation to a specific project. At present, DfOSH-CMI focusses on assessing generic organisational capability.

The primary use of DfOSH-CMI is for organisational self-assessment. So, design firms, and design and build firms, can use DfOSH-CMI to self-assess their occupational health and safety capability, or the capability of their design offices, to identify the areas of strength and opportunity in their capability.

DfOSH may also be used as part of a client’s pre-qualification arrangements in selecting firms that have the required DfOSH capability. Where DfOSH-CMI is used as part of pre-qualification, clients would have to ask for additional information (such as documentary evidence and explanation) in support of the self-assessment generated by DfOSH-CMI.

RSSB wants to work alongside members to trial the use of DfOSH-CMI and understand any assurance activities that might support better management of Health by Design.

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