Managing the Risk of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields, Noise and Vibration

Exposure to dangerous physical agents is one of the potential risks of working on the railways. Our research examines how the rail industry can help protect workers.

​The rail industry meets many of the requirements around exposure to electromagnetic fields.  However, there are a range of scenarios in which workers, and even members of the public, could find themselves exposed to levels that exceed published limits.  Our research outlines methods for mitigating and managing exposure including increased shielding, setting up safe working distances, and improved training.



Topics covered:


  • Standards, regulations and directives associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields
  • Employee groups most at risk
  • AC, DC and Radio Frequency systems
  • Transient conditions and current faults
  • Compliance with limits
  • Methods for mitigating and managing exposure 
  • EU Physical Agents Directive: Vibration and Noise
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