With You in Mind - Employment Service

Helping rail staff experiencing mental wellbeing difficulties thrive at work (currently available to Southeastern railway, East Midlands, MTR Crossrail and Colas workers).

What is With You in Mind?

To support rail staff experiencing mental wellbeing difficulties thrive at work, RSSB is piloting a psychologically informed employment service which offers a range of support to both employers and employees. ‘With You in Mind’ is designed to help guide employers in their commitment to supporting employees whose employment is at risk or made more challenging due to difficulties with their mental health. 

Who is this service for?

  • Employees who believe their mental health is impacting their ability to engage in work
  • Employers and advocates who wish to increase their confidence in supporting workers with mental health issues

If you are the one struggling with mental health difficulties, we can offer:

Community and Online Support - We will advise and link you with external support so you can engage with people with similar experiences and access tools to help you manage your mental health

Collaborative Consultation - We offer consultations to look at the problems you might be experiencing at work in relation to your mental health. We then work together on defining a plan of action to tackle them. After receiving a referral, we will contact you to find out a bit of background information. We will then arrange a face to face consultation with you to further explore:

  • Your role at work and how it might be impacted by mental health difficulties
  • Your existing support
  • Additional support and potential work adjustments
  • Self-management support

You can have other people you believe is important in your recovery attend an appointment, such as your line manager, a union rep, mental health first aider, healthcare professional, friend or family member.

If you are struggling with work, you may also want to look at additional Inclusion and development opportunities.

If you would like to increase your confidence in supporting workers with mental health difficulties, we can offer:

Training - We offer training sessions to employers and local advocates to increase their confidence in supporting workers experiencing poor mental health. Training sessions can be adapted to the local needs in your company. Topics could include, what makes ‘good work’ and managing mental health related workplace risks, screening for and recognising poor mental health in the workplace, helping line managers support direct reports experiencing poor mental health, understanding and implementing ‘reasonable adjustments’ in the context of poor mental health, and working collaboratively with mental health professionals. 

Indirect consultations -An employer(i.e. managers and HR professionals) can ask for an indirect consultation, where we can provide a space to think together about what the employee may need and what may help to re-engage them.

Access the service

Whether you are the one struggling with mental health difficulties at work or you want to support someone who is struggling, if you would like to access the service please liaise with a mental health advocate or a union rep in your company. They will be able to link you with the service. 
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