Occupational Health Standards for Rail

The extent to which individual rail organisations have the capacity to take advantage of the practical implications of such flexibility in the current railway health standards may be limited in view of the lack of in-house senior occupational health (OH) expertise in most railway organisations. Therefore, do we need a wide-ranging portfolio of medical fitness voluntary standards?

Currently Railway Standards only contain occupational health information when in relation to overarching railway legal requirements such as the ROGS Regulations. Railway Standards will therefore cover the legal requirements for the 'fitness for work' aspect of occupational health. They will contain these occupational health details in relation to safety critical workers but are not likely to provide any detail for employees beyond this.  Currently there are very few standards to help guide rail professionals:

Within our RSSB reports we are seeking to understand if there is more that can be done in rail to improve standards provision. Read them to understand the arguments.

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