Respect the Edge – A Passenger Safety Campaign

Rail is the safest mode of transport in the UK, but as with all transport there is still a very small risk to the travelling public. The industry is working hard to reduce this risk and to raise awareness of the potential risk to passengers.

RSSB established the cross-industry PTI Strategy Group and the PTI Working Group to tackle the issue of the risk at the platform edge. One of the work streams from this group is the passenger-facing PTI campaign – a way of reducing the rate of these incidents is to ensure the travelling public are aware of the potential risks, no matter how small.

After a series of successful industry-wide campaigns, including the Lend a Helping Hand campaign, the PTI group has developed a new safety campaign due to launch in September 2018.

Respect the Edge focuses on several different passenger types to draw attention to those who are most at risk:

  • Those who are unfamiliar with train travel
  • Commuters who may travel at the busiest times of day
  • Those who are distracted – by phones or other technology
  • Festival goers
  • Those carrying luggage
  • Families and parents with children
  • Sports fans
  • Socialising – particularly when alcohol is involved.

The new campaign will launch on 3 September focusing on the families and parents with children theme, as we see the new school year begin.

A page is now available which contains guidance on how to promote the campaign for our rail industry partners.

For those who would like to learn more about the campaign please contact

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