A sneak preview of industry’s long term safety intelligence potential
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RSSB has begun revealing the full long term capability of new safety management software for rail's next generation reporting systems and business intelligence.

The long term potential could see safety teams' lives ultimately made much easier with the ability to report and track incidents via mobile devices, upload images, and use GPS-tagging, as well as being able to export data in more user-friendly ways.

The SMIS+ programme will see existing safety reporting and intelligence systems 'SMIS' and 'Close Call' replaced as the technology is fast becoming obsolete.  RSSB is working with Ideagen on the design and configuration of the new system, leveraging the modern capabilities of its Gael Enlighten safety and risk management software application.

RSSB's lead on SMIS+ Jeff Brewer said: As we journey through the programme, we're seeing positive development and some exciting potential here, with 22 companies already involved in user testing and the capability of the software really coming alive.

Critical for industry is the ability to phase the implementation of the new system in a way that suits each individual organisation, and in particular to take a steady pace in introducing new functions and features.  The first step will be to ensure that organisations currently using SMIS are able continue to work effectively with SMIS+.  Once they are familiar with the new system additional features will be introduced in a manageable way, and to a wider audience. Taking this approach is just as important to our members as being able to take advantage of the more sophisticated features in the long term.

Although the look-and-feel as well as the exact arrangement and availability of features will depend on further development and individual company preference, a useful video demo is helping companies to get an idea of what the software can do.

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