Are you ‘Fit to Drive?’
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Last week, a report was launched to address the issues posed by road driving risk.

Unfitness to drive is a common problem across the industry with many complex and hard to understand dimensions. However, these are difficult to identify and almost certainly go under-recorded.

In light of this, the parliamentary group Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS), has produced a report, titled 'Fit to Drive?'

The report cover a wide scope of the fitness to drive issues. Professor Oliver Carsten of the Institute for Transport Studies and lead author of the report, commented: 'There is a fundamental expectation that drivers should be fit to do so. Short-term factors based on personal behaviour such as alcohol and drug use are widely known to affect fitness to drive.'

'However, there are long-term factors such as physical or cognitive impairment that account for 6 per cent of all fatal crashes, while fatigue is a factor in 3 per cent.'

Please note, this report is independent of PACTS policy.  

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