Automated inspection system for rolling stock maintenance
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An automated inspection system which monitors the underside of trains for faults has been designed with part-funding from the RSSB Railway Operator Challenge Competition (ROCC).

VUES (Vehicle Underframe Examination System) uses a combination of cameras, non-visible wavelength light and computer vision algorithms, to detect anomalies and monitor for dislodged or damaged equipment and leaks. 

The VUES equipment uses multi-spectral cameras installed at the track side.  With vision algorithms to identify and recall the history of trains passing by, the equipment generates data trends and detects any anomalies including overheating components and any changes in appearance. VUES is self-learning, providing focused anomaly identifications as further images and data are gathered. Any detected faults are then reported electronically for maintenance teams to investigate.

Continuous inspection and maintenance of trains can be costly and even with regular checks it is difficult to detect equipment which is faulty, beginning to fail or dislodged. VUES can provide cost savings for train operators in terms of greater life-span of components and benefits include examinations carried out daily, better utilisation of existing stock and increased fleet service life.

Manufacturer, GOBOTIX, are looking to produce a low-cost demonstrator VUES system ready for market.

Further inquiries contact Ben Davis:

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