Bluetooth low energy fare validation technology
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The first demonstration of the ByteToken ticketing mobile app, designed to aid the flow of passengers at fare gates using Bluetooth LE technology, was held at Thales UK.

The successful demonstration, attended by members of the rail industry, showed the Bluetooth gate in operation in several different scenarios. Branded Keypass, the demonstrator combines a commercially available 3D camera with an array of sensors able to detect mobile devices where an m-ticket has been activated. The sensors can detect via Bluetooth valid m-tickets, associate them with a given individual approaching the gate line, and then open the gates to allow the passenger through.

Funded by RSSB, the Bluetooth detection, customer location and back-office software has been developed by ByteToken, the UK subsidiary of m-ticketing technology specialist Bytemark. The demonstrator uses a novel ticket gate designed by Thales featuring a gantry-mounted 3D camera to track passengers through the gate.

The aim is to increase station throughput as passengers can pass through the gate line easily without needing to physically present a ticket or device at a fare collection reader, resulting in greater efficiency and an improved travel experience.

The innovation came from the RSSB Future Ticket Detection competition which sought alternatives to the existing gate line and ticket detection systems.

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