In trial from June - new in cab display shows route ahead
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A new real-time Driver Support System (DSS) has been developed by RDS International to help drivers learn and retain immense amounts of route knowledge information will begin a special trial in June. The project has been part funded by RSSB.

Train drivers have to apply the brakes well before they can see where to stop, so until now, they have needed to memorise every detail of the route in order to drive safely.

The new Driver Support System displays a rolling map, similar to a satellite navigation system used by car drivers, in order to help drivers pre-empt the route ahead. The map will be displayed on a tablet showing the location of key information including signals, junctions and speed restrictions, prioritised for the selected journey. The design team has worked closely with passenger and freight operators to achieve a layout which presents key information clearly, at a glance.

The system allows drivers to operate with confidence in less familiar situations, for example when a train has to be diverted off its planned route.

DSS is part funded by RSSB and developed by RDS, who are also supplying the enabling video train positioning technology. The project now moves into user evaluation trials, in partnership with First Group.

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