New stations framework identifies rail investment opportunities
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new study has produced a framework for assessing and comparing the performance of railway stations.

By giving quick and easy access to relevant data for local stations across the network, the framework can help train operator companies bidding for railway franchises in Britain plus support the industry’s long-term planning process, enabling more efficient allocation of funding. The framework can also be used by local authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships or private funders to help inform business cases for third party investments.

The feasibility has been developed and tested using the East Midlands franchise as a case study. The work has also defined the potential for a new forward looking way to classify stations according to their potential.

The overall aim is to enable better decisions to be made through better data, improving outcomes for the industry, for passengers and for local communities.

The reach of the tool can be developed for passenger use and RSSB are in consultation with the Rail Delivery Group to expand the platform and turn the feasibility study into a fully functional tool.

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