RRUKA Call for Research: Faster, Safer, Better: Boarding and Alighting Trains
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RSSB (via Rail Research UK Association (RRUKA)) is making up to £500,000 available for academic-led feasibility studies to identify novel solutions that will reduce the risk of delays, and accidents occurring at the Platform Train Interface (PTI) when passengers are getting on or off a train.

Designed to stimulate new academic thinking to this key rail challenge, the competition seeks proposals for solutions which will enable reduced dwell times whilst catering for increased capacity and maintaining / reducing safety risk.

Potential bidders will be invited to pose solutions to one of two specific challenges:

  • Influencing and improving passenger behaviour at the PTI
    How can we influence passenger behaviour at or around the PTI to encourage speedier and safer boarding and alighting of trains (with minimal or no changes to current infrastructure and rolling stock)?
  • Future PTI design for faster and safer boarding and alighting
    How would changes to the design of the physical elements that shape the PTI enable speedier and safer boarding and alighting in the context of increased demand over the next 30 years?

The competition is open to academic researchers from all disciplines of relevance. Industry representatives are welcome to join consortia to help shape ideas.

RRUKA will be holding a networking and information day on Thursday 26th May at the RSSB office in London (and via webinar), to enable participants to get a better understanding of the elements that shape the PTI and challenges they present. This will be followed by opportunities to start shaping ideas with an interactive workshop and look at potential future solutions.

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