RSSB develops new tools to improve staff skills for a safer railway
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Improving non-technical skills (NTS) will deliver a safer, high performing railway.

RSSB has funded a range of new tools to consistently include NTS across the industry’s workforce. Improving these skills will create a safer and more efficient railway for staff, passengers and the public.

This adds to the existing tools developed for driver roles in 2012, which has proved invaluable in improving safety and performance. If implemented, they will lead to a reduction in the number of incidents attributable to issues relating to NTS.

Previous NTS work by RSSB has led to improved safety at the platform / train interface by improving the concentration and anticipation of risk in dispatch staff. NTS is also being used to identify strategies for improvement when there has been an incident.

Companies can apply the guidance, materials and case studies across operational roles, fitting them into their existing NTS Training courses. This flexibility will help maximise the benefits for organisations at various stages in their NTS integration; and avoid duplicating effort by the 32 mainline operators, bringing significant cost savings to the industry.

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