RSSB’s research on cycle-rail now available
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The latest research projects have now been published on SPARK.  More information can be found in the Knowledge e-newsletter.

RSSB has published research from some of its latest projects, as described in the latest issue of The Knowledge newsletter.  As well as research into the business case for cycle-rail, RSSB has also been looking at the various procedures for dealing with bodyside windows broken in service.

The Knowledge is a monthly e-letter that details the work of RSSB’s Research, Development and Innovation team, including the Future Railway Programme and the Rail Research UK Association.  This issue also includes details of upcoming conferences, such as the RRUKA conference and UKRIA 2016.  To sign up to The Knowledge, go to “manage subscriptions” in your RSSB account.

All RSSB’s research projects are made available on SPARK.  SPARK is the industry’s research and knowledge sharing platform, providing access to information from industry and academia across the world.

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