RSSB work to improve rail performance recognised by industry
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RSSB’s trophy cabinet has been filled with a host of new awards in recent weeks, as the industry recognises the work we carry out to deliver a safer, more efficient and sustainable rail system.

The partnership between RSSB and Loughborough University to develop a set of railway points which eliminates the risk of derailment, “Repoint”, continues to gain praise. It has picked up the prestigious 2016 Institute of Engineering and Technology award for transport.

It’s not every day that a railway standard wins an award, which is why it is even sweeter that RSSB’s work on improving on-board internet access has won the Rail Exec’s award for Most Interesting Approach to Train Operations.  The new Rail Industry Standard (RIS) set out the minimum requirements for internet provision, including performance, security and responsibilities.

RSSB also made waves at the 20th anniversary dinner of the Infrastructure Safety Liaison Group (ISLG), with three of the seven awards going to RSSB and its staff.  Greg Morse, Operational Feedback Specialist, won the ISLG award for collaboration with the group; Chris Hext, Programme Manager, won the ISLG Ambassador lifetime achievement award; and RSSB won the ISLG industry partner award.

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