Rail Safety Team award win at RailStaff Awards
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RSSB won recognition at the 10th RailStaff Awards on 8 October, jointly winning the Rail Safety Team Award.

RSSB’s Director of External Engagement John Abbott collected the award for the work that he and Network Rail’s Director, Safety & Sustainability Roan Willmore did to create 'Leading Health and Safety on Britain's Railways: a strategy for working together'. 

This year’s RailStaff Awards received the largest volume of nominations and votes. 

Speaking about the award, John said, I feel very proud to have received this award. I would like to make it clear that without the input and support we received from our members, the strategy could not have been developed. As you know, the strategy is based on organised collaborative activity between duty holders, the wider supply chain and RSSB, driving further improvements to 12 key risks and 9 areas of underlying management. The next challenge is to facilitate cross-industry actions to address the individual components of the strategy and I sincerely hope this will then be the catalyst to drive sustainable improvements to the railway's already impressive health and safety performance. Thank you for all your support to help with this award which I accepted on behalf of all of you.

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