Rail industry prepares for the age of the digital train
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The rail industry has come together to highlight the current challenges facing the railway in the digital age, and how technology will help to address them.

During an industry event in Birmingham, rail industry experts unveiled the railway’s Capability Delivery Plan (CDP). The CDP identifies twelve areas that will be improved over the coming years – meeting its objectives of carrying an ever increasing number of passengers, improving the customer service – and doing it safely, affordably and sustainably.

The CDP approach has been endorsed by the Rail Supply Group and the Rail Delivery Group and is being led by the industry Technical Leadership Group (TLG) on their behalf. 

Key RSSB research, design and technology projects that support the plan include;

  • A mobile app that uses Bluetooth technology to aid the flow of passengers through ticket gates
  • New seat designs which improve comfort and increase customer capacity in carriages, helping to minimise overcrowding
  • Trialling new signalling technology, which will allow trains to communicate with each other, ensuring maximum efficiency and trains able to run closer together safely.

RSSB’s Head of Rail Technical Strategy and TLG Programme Manager Guy Woodroffe, said: We are pleased that the delivery plan has been issued, but now comes the hard work of bringing the industry together to make the plan a reality.

If you can contribute or you just want to find out more, please email rts@rssb.co.uk.

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