Repoint edges one step closer to prototype development
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RSSB funded Loughborough University switches and signalling design project Repoint breaks through into the next stage of development.

Loughborough University project Repoint, funded by RSSB, is set to reach the next stage of development after two and a half years of research and development.The breakthrough railway technology masterminded by University engineers seeks to improve switches and signalling to eradicate existing design issues, a problem experienced by the GB rail industry for nearly 200 years.  Using safety concepts derived from aerospace and the nuclear industries, Repoint allows redundant, fail-safe actuation and locking of track switches for the first time. This means that a failure of a single actuator element will not cause the failure of the entire switch, allowing trains to continue until such a time as maintenance becomes feasible The next phase will see a full scale, prototype track switch developed and deployed. Once implemented, Repoint aims to increase reliability, reduce maintenance costs and boost capacity on the railways. For further information please visit the Loughborough University project page.

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