Road driving risk
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We have clarified what companies need to do to report work-related road driving incidents into the Safety Management Information System (SMIS).

Rail companies and their contractors need to report workforce accidents occurring while travelling by road vehicle for work purposes into the Safety Management Information System (SMIS).

Research has shown that there is significant under-reporting of accidents, injuries and fatalities from road traffic collisions where work-related driving is involved. 

Towards better reporting of traffic collisions leaflet

Road traffic collisions (RTCs) resulting in injuries, involving employees’ or contractors’ employees’ while travelling for work purposes, need to be reported into SMIS.  Basically, this means any occasion when a road vehicle is being driven in connection with a work activity, other than commuting between the driver’s home and their normal place of work.

All requirements for reporting into SMIS are contained in Railway Group Standard, GERT8047, ‘Reporting of safety-related information’, and we have also produced a small leaflet summarising what you need to report from work-related road driving.

Paul Taylor (Colas Rail) and Stuart Webster-Spriggs (VolkerRail) talk about the challenge of work-related road driving risk to their companies.

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