Operation and Traffic Management Technical Specification for Interoperability Mirror Group


    The Mirror Group’s Scope includes:

    • The Committee’s coverage includes mirroring the scope of the OPE TSI, Train Driver Licensing Directive and related specifications
    • Monitoring and advising on specification development
    • Proposing changes to specifications
    • To allow Industry to forward plan through co-ordination with other European technical groups to gain understanding of what is happening in Europe
    • Briefing applicable governance groups on developments in Europe and potential impacts on industry
    • Determining and/or contributing to the single GB view, where possible
    • Providing a forward view on key issues that affect GB and protect the GB position on cost and complexity.

    Message from the chair

    The OPE TSI MG scans the horizon for operational issues emerging in Europe.  This can be through change requests and the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs), which may impact on our rules and standards.  We inform industry of the issues and propose recommendations for operational application that serve the best interests of the GB Railway and its stakeholders.


      The committee has members representing the following industry categories:

      • passenger train operators
      • freight and other non-passenger train operators
      • infrastructure managers and owners
      • suppliers and rolling stock manufacturers
      • RSSB.
      Chair of committee: Richard Carr
      RSSB main representative: Stefano Valentino , Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd
      Other Members
      Other members
      Richard Carr
      Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd
      Michael Lane
      Network Rail Limited
      Infrastructure Manager
      Steve Roberts
      S & L Roberts Ltd
      Paul Titterton
      Passenger Train Operating Company
      Tony Raine
      Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
      Infrastructure Manager
      Stefano Valentino
      Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd
      Keith Shepherd
      Office of Rail and Road
      Justin Monk
      Network Rail Limited
      Richard Byrne
      Office of Rail and Road
      Office of Rail Regulation
      Do you need to get in touch with this group?
      Contact our Industry Groups Manager for questions about the next meeting or about vacancies within this group.
      Hannah Blackmore-Beckham
      Tel: 020 3142 5582
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