Human Factors Awareness Course for Incident Investigators

The Human factors awareness course for incident investigators is a 2 day course. The course has been developed for incident investigators and those with an incident investigation role. It might also be useful for safety managers, operations managers, safety advisors and safety specialists, hazard analysts, regulators, inspectors, and human factors advisors.

RSSB has worked with the GB rail industry to develop a strategy to increase the industry’s capacity for learning from operational experience, including incidents and accidents.

A review of incident investigation reports and classifications highlighted that current incident investigation processes could be improved by better integrating human factors. This course, developed and run by RSSB, aims to provide delegates with an overall awareness of what human factors is and its application within the context of an accident or incident investigation.

Please review the Course overview document carefully before booking onto the course to make sure this will meet your objectives.

The course is run over two days and focuses on the understanding and analysis of incidents and accidents from a human factors perspective, which includes the Organisational, Job/Workplace and Individual factors which can contribute to an accident or incident. This is not a course on how to conduct a whole accident investigation but is designed to give delegates some basic knowledge and techniques to help them understand the range of factors that can affect human performance, and identify underlying causes as part of an incident investigation. It does this by using practical examples and case studies from a range of safety-critical industries.

The expected learning outcomes of the course are:

  • To raise awareness of the human factors issues that can contribute to accidents and incidents
  • To provide incident investigators with practical skills in classifying human error and violations
  • To raise awareness of the issues that can influence safety performance at the individual, job and organisational levels
  • To help investigators identify underlying system weaknesses and to make effective recommendations in investigation reports to reduce the likelihood of future incidents

If you want to focus only on how individual factors can impact on performance, you may prefer to attend the Non-Technical Skills course. The Non-Technical Skills Course expands upon and consolidates the individual performance concepts that are outlined broadly in the HFA course. However, this understanding is applied from a competence management perspective rather than for the purpose of investigating incidents and accidents.

Course dates for 2020

If you would like RSSB to deliver a bespoke training course at a location of choice, please complete the Bespoke training form with as much information as you can and we will contact you to discuss your exact requirements.

If you want more information on alternative course dates or have any questions regarding course content please contact our training team.


Human factors awareness course overview
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