Dedicated engagement resource

We have dedicated engagement managers to focus on the needs of its members and key stakeholders. Our engagement managers are responsible for understanding individual member requirements, connecting members into all relevant product and services including research and innovation, facilitating the right communications channels and initiating regular member liaison. Each category of member has an engagement manager allocated to them with appropriate skills, knowledge and background to answer most queries and who will maintain contact with you. 

Products and services

We have a vast array of products and services available to you and your RSSB engagement manager will be happy to review these with you to provide the best match to your business needs. As a member you have unrestricted access to all RSSBs products and services, including those with intellectual property rights (IPR).

Support services 

It is recognised you may require support with some of the products and services you have selected for your business. Our engagement manager will be there to guide you through them, or provide you with the appropriate contact or specialist you need.

Knowledge and toolkits 

  • On-line reporting systems and business intelligence
  • Risk modelling 
  • Standards 
  • Good practice and tools 
  • Updates on safety legislation 
  • Drawings and documentation 
  • Research and corporate memory

Advice and experts 

  • Expertise 
  • Technical advice 
  • Training

Networking and communities 

  • Committees and focus groups 
  • Collaboration space and facilities 
  • Networking 
  • Conferences

Funding and resources 

  • Shared R&D funding and project management 
  • Grant funding for research and innovation

How to join

If you’re reading this as a non-member, and it’s inspired you to make the next step to join RSSB, please get in touch, it would be great to hear from you. You can talk to our dedicated team – telephone 07535 217 407.