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Safety performance reports

Safety performance reports

Andrew Clinton

Senior Safety Intelligence Analyst

Access periodic safety reports.

Annual Safety Performance Report 2017-18

Rail remains one of the safest forms of transport – and the latest data covering the 2017-8 financial year supports this.

In particular, in those areas where industry has genuinely collaborated and retained a sustained focus on risk, such as train accidents and level crossings, targeted intervention has yielded tangible, measurable improvements over the medium-to-long term, leading to a safer, more reliable, and more efficient railway. No one is complacent though, and industry is already mobilising to address those areas where we haven’t seen optimum performance. In many cases these areas are covered with existing industry programmes of work and are referred to in Leading Health and Safety on Britain's Railway.

ASPR 2018 six square grid image

Download the key charts and headlines from the ASPR.

We presented the key findings in a webinar on 12 July – you can watch our video of the webinar below.

Download the full Annual Safety Performance Report 2017-18.

This report forms part of the robust evidence base that the industry uses to develop and drive targeted safety improvements.

Periodic safety performance reports

These reports provide information on fatalities, reportable train accidents and accident precursors for the period in question. Graphic representations of trends are also included. We use the latest information available when producing safety updates, based on data available at the time of running the report and is subject to change if further information becomes known; therefore small differences between updates may occur.

Prior to Period 9 of 2017/18 these reports were produced monthly but to align to the PIM and other reporting we have moved these to be on a periodic basis.

Signals Passed at Danger (SPAD) / Train Protection Warning Systems (TPWS) report

The following report summarises Signals Passed at Danger (SPAD) performance and Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS) activity: 

RSSB member reports

RSSB members can access Opsweb where they can find more detailed SPAD reports:

  • Multi-SPAD signals
  • Category A SPADs on the network
  • SPADs by route and operator
  • Operations Risk Reduction and Mitigation (OPSRAM) data for Network Rail routes
  • SPADs by MTM

Analysis of the risk from animals on line

This report provides risk and performance data relating to ‘animal on the line’ incidents in Great Britain.