Composite Metrics for Managing Workforce Health and Wellbeing

Management of workforce health risks is less well established than that of safety risk.

The rail industry is planning improvements to the way it assesses and manages the health aspects of its operations. It is also exploring what types of workforce health and wellbeing data to collect and how to analyse and report on that data.

Completed research (T1094) identified a set of useful health and wellbeing metrics to be collected by industry and submitted to the RSSB for benchmarking and trend analysis. Current research is focusing on bringing together the data to compare the impact of different causes of ill health on the person and the industry, as is currently done for safety-related harm.

Get involved

If you or your organisation would like to be involved in the workforce health project, get in touch with Darryl Hopper, Principal Health and Wellbeing Specialist.

"We believe our work, now proven to be fully compliant with the railway standards, will open the door for promising further applications of composites in the industry and emphasises their commercial viability."

Camille Seurat
Product Development Engineer, ELG Carbon Fibre

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