Very light rail – short range transport of the future

Construction of a hybrid- powered very light rail demonstrator is underway.

Very light rail (VLR) could play an important role in decarbonising GB transport, providing integrated, sustainable, affordable short-range transport, connecting rural areas into the mainline rail network. VLR vehicles could be significantly cheaper than a heavy rail vehicle of similar capacity.

The project is part-funded by the RSSB Innovation Grant and run by Revolution VLR, a consortium led by Transport Design International (TDI) Ltd and supported by Cummins, Eversholt Rail, Prose AG, RDM Group, Transcal Engineering and Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick.

The demonstrator vehicle will feature:

  • twin diesel-electric hybrid power- packs with lithium titanate energy storage
  • a modular, lightweight body structure to minimise weight and manufacturing costs
  • a target tare weight of one tonne per linear metre.

Get involved

If your company has access to a segregated alignment (a route protected from interaction with roads, cars and other traffic) and might be interested in hosting live trials, please contact Wendy Filer, Marketing and Business Support Manager at Eversholt Rail Group.

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