The Future Vision for Safety Management

In future, organisations will need to review and analyse real-time information in a ‘safety control centre’, acting on alarms with urgent responses in the field. Systems will also support rapid tactical analysis of similar combinations of weaknesses in safety defences by rapidly and intelligently filtering aggregated risk, asset and safety control data to quickly target a broader response.

They will also support the robust analysis of investment options to strengthen safety where necessary rapidly developing robust investment cases based on clear analysis of the balance between cost, performance and safety, to support timely management decisions.

The Data and Risk Strategy aims to pave the way for industry to work together to draw on RSSB’s capabilities to help it to take data and risk to the next level, to harness the best available technology and enrich and enhance greater collaboration and intelligence sharing.

What the future could look like

A passenger train service experiences a rough ride. This indicates something may be wrong with the infrastructure.


In the control room, the safety manager receives an alert and has already begun processing information within the Safety Management Intelligence System.


The system uses risk 'bow tie' models to provide a rich picture of how a threat can escalate, what barriers are in place to prevent it happening, and how those barriers are performing.

A team is deployed to inspect the infrastructure.

The safety manger analyses risk across the network using the tools and information in the system, to identify vulnerable locations, and improvement options.

The board has all the information it needs to target investment and interventions to resolve the wider issues at source. Key tactical and strategic decisions are made in compressed timescales.

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