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Rail remains one of safest forms of transport, and the industry has a track record to be proud of. This page provides access to the Annual Health and Safety Report 2018/19 (ASHR).

Annual Health and Safety Report 2018/19

Rail remains one of safest forms of transport, and the industry has a track record to be proud of. Britain’s railways are the safest of the top 10 biggest railway systems in the EU, and there has not been a train accident involving on-board fatalities to passengers or the workforce for over 12 years. However, there are still areas of risk that need focus from industry to effect improvements.


The Annual Health and Safety Report 2018/19 combines the latest information on health and safety performance, operational learning and risk reduction initiatives. It also gives an overview of progress in implementing the Leading Health and Safety on Britain's Railway Strategy. We identify where things have gone well and some areas of concern. We review how our members are implementing the industry strategy Leading Health and Safety on Britain’s Railway.

Our industry is facing the prospect of a great deal of change. In this year’s report – coming as it does between two key anniversaries of Ladbroke Grove (20 years) and Clapham Junction (30 years) – we also aim to remind everyone of those lessons that remain relevant today.

Among the topics covered are:

  • An increase in SPAD numbers and SPAD risk
  • Two fatal accidents at work during the year and a renewed focus on near misses with track workers
  • Improvements in level crossing safety over Control Period 5
  • The positive impact on youth trespass from targeted improvement initiatives
  • An increase in reported assaults
  • Fatigue risk and what industry is doing to tackle it
  • How safety on the GB railway compares with other transport modes and other European railways

Download the Annual Health and Safety Report 2018/19

Download key charts from the Annual Health and Safety Report 2018/19

End of year reporting statistics from the Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis Service may be found here.

Past versions of the of the Annual Health and Safety Report, previously known as the Annual Safety Performance Report (ASPR), can be accessed on SPARK.

Periodic safety performance reports

These reports provide information on fatalities, reportable train accidents and accident precursors for the period in question. Graphic representations of trends are also included. We use the latest information available when producing safety updates, based on data available at the time of running the report and is subject to change if further information becomes known; therefore small differences between updates may occur.

Prior to Period 9 of 2017/18 these reports were produced monthly but to align to the PIM and other reporting we have moved these to be on a periodic basis.

Latest report

Summary of Safety Performance 2019/20, Period 08 (restricted to members and affiliates)

Previous reports

Reports from earlier years are available on SPARK

Signals Passed at Danger (SPAD) / Train Protection Warning Systems (TPWS) report

A report summarising Signals Passed at Danger (SPAD) performance and Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS) activity can be accessed by RSSB members here,

Analysis of the risk from animals on the line

This report provides risk and performance data relating to ‘animal on the line’ incidents in Great Britain.

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