Integrating Non-Technical Skills in Competence Management Systems

Guidance to better understand the value of non-technical skills (NTS) as part of managing and developing competence.

RSSB’s guidance around NTS explains how it can be integrated throughout competence management systems. Specifically, the guidance covers: planning NTS integration; identifying NTS; Integrating NTS into selection processes; training and developing NTS; measuring and evaluating NTS; reviewing and renewing NTS integration. 

The guide is aimed at a range of operational managers for example those involved in training and development, operational standards, assessors, human resources etc. 

As it is delivered in a modular format, readers can choose to read the entire practice guide and get an understanding of the various stages, or simply read the modules which are of most relevant to them. Additionally, we have prepared the summary guide to integrating NTS so that readers can identify the most relevant modules based on their individual’s needs. Additionally, this can be printed out and disseminated to raise awareness and understanding of NTS. The full good practice guide to integrating NTS is supported by an online toolkit, which contains tools and materials related to each module in the guidance.  

Either of these guides provide a good starting to point for integrating NTS into competence management systems. They are also useful for those who have been doing NTS for a while but are looking for new ideas or materials to keep their programme fresh.

More detail on NTS can be found on this webpage. The RSSB human factors team also offer training in NTS.

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