Safety Risk Model Risk Profile Tool

The Risk Profile Tool – powered by SMIS – provides rail companies with an up-to-date, informed calculation of the nature of the health and safety risk they face, allowing them to make targeted, efficient intervention that improves safety and reduces cost.

The tool combines:

  • Relevant hazardous events and precursors from the Safety Risk Model
  • National normalisers.
  • National average consequences per hazardous event.
  • Imports of data from the Safety Management Intelligence System (SMIS) via Jaspersoft.

The tool is an easy to use spreadsheet, which you can download below and open in Microsoft Excel. The current version of the tool is based on SRM v8.5.

Why use the Risk Profile Tool

  • Really easy to use
  • Provides instant calculation of risk based on your company’s SMIS data – or whatever data you choose to use, which could include considering hypothetical scenarios to aid planning
  • Helps companies comply with health and safety legislation (especially Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and ROGS)
  • Generates intelligence that forms part of an evidence base for individual companies and industry groups to make decisions about where to invest time, resource and funds to improve safety and performance even further
  • Rail funders and the regulator also want to know that investment is leading to outputs and outcomes which reflect safety aims and an informed understanding of the risk as well as value for money

Key features of this tool

The tool allows users to:

  • Select how they view data
  • Filter for hazardous events of particular interest
  • Put hazardous events out of scope
  • Benchmark against the national risk profile

The tool is available as an exclusive membership benefit to RSSB member companies and we can provide training and ongoing support to users.

We have produced 5 short 2-minute videos as a quick-start guide to show you how to import the data into the Tool and select the right parameters and settings to calculate your organisation’s risk profile.

Step 1 - Getting your SMIS data from Jaspersoft

Step 2 - Importing SMIS data into the tool

Step 3 - Setting the scope of your query

Step 4 – Analysis

Step 5 – Results

The RSSB team can also help if you need it, please contact us via the customer self-service portal, using case category Risk and safety data, tools and models.

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