Taking Safe Decisions Analysis Tool

Taking Safe Decisions sets out the industry consensus view of how safety is taken into account when taking decisions. It describes the principles that companies apply to protect people’s safety, satisfy the law, respect the interests of stakeholders and meet commercial objectives.

Every organisation needs to understand and manage its risks, both on an ongoing basis and when it changes something. Risk management can be thought of as comprising three related activities, which map to questions about safety-related change:

  1. Monitoring. Is my operation safe or might I need to make a change?
  2. Analysing and selecting options. What (if anything) should I change and can it be done safely?
  3. Making a change. How do I make sure the change is safe?

These activities and questions provide a unifying framework that runs through the document

Taking Safe Decisions Analysis Tool - What is it?

Taking Safe Decisions Analysis Tool

The TSD-AT is a tool that provides assistance when undertaking a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) for a safety-related decision. The new TSD-AT incorporates:

Updates to bring the tool in accordance with the CBA Guidance to support TSD (version 2) and ORR guidance, notably the benefit-cost ratio calculation
The current Value for Preventing a Fatality (VpF) estimation
An improvement to the way the sensitivity factors are applied to financing costs

Scoping Tool

The Scoping Tool is an aid to scoping and characterising a decision. It was developed in 2008 for the original version of Taking Safe Decisions. The figure on which it was based does not feature in the current version of TSD and is not explicitly aligned with the criteria that determine if a change is significant in the context of the Common Safety Method on Risk Evaluation and Assessment

The tool can be accessed via the Rail Risk portal from the resources link below.

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