Latest Updates to Standards

The key update in March 2020 is the integration of good practice for route learning competence processes into the guidance within RIS-3702-TOM. This good practice has been informed by two research projects carried out by RSSB – T1108 (achieving a step change in route knowledge management), and T1151 (managing route knowledge for guards).

Route Knowledge

RIS-3702-TOM has been updated to incorporate the good practice obtained from RSSB research projects T1108 and T1151 that developed a new approach to determine the optimal route learning requirements based on the operational tasks undertaken, and how to implement this within competence management systems. This new approach to route learning is called the 'route story' approach.

Key principles of the ‘route story’ approach include:

  • Route knowledge requirements should be based on tasks that staff are required to carry out. This ensures that the information staff learn is relevant to their role.
  • Route learning materials should be based on a ‘route story’- which combines all the information needed to work a route, including route cue information (e.g. braking point for a station) and route risks (e.g. area of low adhesion). This ensures that consistent information is used across all learning materials.
  • A range of learning materials should be available for route learners, so that they can select the material (or materials) that best suit their learning preferences. This ensures that different types of learners have access to a learning material that suits them.
  • Individuals will learn routes at different paces and therefore learning times should be flexible. This ensures that assessments are done at the appropriate time for individual learners.

Visit our Route Knowledge hub for further information.

Rule Book updates

New updates to the Rule Book (19-902) were published on 7 September 2019, and came into force on 7 December 2019. These modules and handbooks will be reissued:
  • Handbook 7 - General duties of a controller of site safety (COSS)
  • Handbook 9 - IWA or COSS setting up safe systems of work within possessions
  • Handbook 11 - Duties of the person in charge of the possession (PICOP)
  • Handbook 12 - Duties of the engineering supervisor (ES) or safe work leader (SWL) in a possession 
  • Module P2 - Working single and bi-directional lines by pilotman
  • Module S7 - Observing and obeying signalling indications. Train warning systems. Reporting signalling failures and irregularities
  • Module TS11 - Failure of, or work on, signalling equipment - signallers' regulations
  • Module TW1 - Preparation and movement of trains
  • Module TW8 - Level crossings - drivers' instructions.


Standards Catalogue: What's new - March 2020
Standards briefing presentation - March 2020
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