Latest Updates to Standards

The key update in December 2019 is a review of Overhead Contact Line (OCL)/Pantograph interface issues experienced by rolling stock manufacturers. The Rulebook’s September update for the handbook and the mobile app will also come into force in December 2019.

AC Energy Subsystem and Interfaces

GLRT1210 (guidance note GLGN1610) and GMRT2111 (guidance note GMGN2611) have been revised to address OCL/Pantograph interface issues seen by the rolling stock manufacturers. The updates provide increased clarity for authorisation and route compatibility assessments and reduce the obligation to conduct unnecessary testing and/or analysis post-authorisation.

Key updates relate to mechanical incompatibility issues for:

  • Pantograph location of rail vehicles
  • Static contact force
  • Dynamic contact force and current collection and pantograph spacing requirements

Rule Book updates

New updates to the Rule Book (19-902) were published on 7 September 2019, and come into force on 7 December 2019. These modules and handbooks will be reissued:

  • Handbook 7 - General duties of a controller of site safety (COSS)
  • Handbook 9 - IWA or COSS setting up safe systems of work within possessions
  • Handbook 11 - Duties of the person in charge of the possession (PICOP)
  • Handbook 12 - Duties of the engineering supervisor (ES) or safe work leader (SWL) in a possession 
  • Module P2 - Working single and bi-directional lines by pilotman
  • Module S7 - Observing and obeying signalling indications. Train warning systems. Reporting signalling failures and irregularities
  • Module TS11 - Failure of, or work on, signalling equipment - signallers' regulations
  • Module TW1 - Preparation and movement of trains
  • Module TW8 - Level crossings - drivers' instructions 


Standards briefing presentation - December 2019
Standards update - December 2019
GLRT1210 issue two briefing note
GMRT2111 issue two briefing note
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