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What do you think of the new webpages?

Earlier this year, we consulted our members and stakeholders about what mattered most to them. Easy access to the work we do, facilitated by a more logically structured website, was identified as a top priority. We have now begun to change the format of the site to better meet member needs and make content easier to navigate.

The first phase of work was to deliver a new homepage, an “About us” page and new Platform Train Interface and Health & Wellbeing topic pages - which we have now done.

Topic pages place content by theme rather than work package type – standards, research, risk etc - to make it easier to find and see other work in the areas that matter to you.

Additional subjects are planned for the future and members and stakeholders are being encouraged to feedback on the new pages at during the first phase of development.

Why change?

Our website is popular and well-used by our members and others who want to find out about us and how we help the rail industry work together.

However, our work programme is very diverse leading to a lot of content, supported by our depth of knowledge and the technical detail involved.

While this leads to a lot of valuable information, we can and will do better at enabling the industry to make better use of it. The new site is designed to be more intuitive, theming information by subject, and enabling individuals to either get a broad overview or quickly find more specific, detailed information depending on their needs.

If you have any feedback on these new pages, we would be delighted to hear from you!

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