If you’re interested in rail or work with rail, RSSB can help you succeed

RSSB is the independent safety and standards body for rail and provides services and resources that improve safety and performance. Our team includes around 100 top engineers, risk modellers, human factors specialists and rail professionals. We’re the foremost global experts on rail safety and standards.

For access to our knowledge and expertise, you can become an RSSB Affiliate.

How we can support you

We create each affiliation agreement individually, to fit your organisation’s needs – but every affiliate gets access to our huge online knowledge base. This encompasses rail information, standards and research, with a focus on safety, standards, rail R&D and sustainability.

Key benefits

Get access to unequalled rail knowledge

Whatever interest your organisation has in the rail industry, RSSB can help increase your knowledge and help move your organisation forward.


Your first stop for performance optimisation


Your first stop for carbon reduction

Mental wellbeing

Your first stop for improving mental wellbeing

Fatigue - workload and health

Your first stop for tackling fatigue and alertness

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Your first stop for improving decision-making capability

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Your first stop for developing your Safety Management System

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Additional services

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Bespoke consultancy from our experts

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Our supply chain risk management services

Rail training session

Training courses to build, develop and refresh your people’s capabilities

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Meet some of our Affiliates


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Carlisle Support Services

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Transport for London

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  • What is RSSB Affiliation?

    Affiliation is for organisations that don’t meet the specific criteria to become members of RSSB, but who have an interest in the rail industry. This includes organisations based outside Great Britain, or those for whom the railway only affects a relatively small part of their business.

    Our key affiliation categories include:

    • UK and overseas railway companies and administrations
    • UK and overseas agencies and bodies that support rail
    • Any organisation seeking to formalise a mutually beneficial relationship with RSSB
  • Would you benefit from RSSB Affiliation?
    RSSB maintains the collective knowledge of the rail industry – and offers it to organisations with operational links to rail. If you work with rail safety and standards, or want access to the latest thinking in rail, we offer knowledge and tools, training programmes, technical advice, consultancy and access to our leading experts, and networking opportunities.
  • What kind of organisations become RSSB Affiliate?

    Our Affiliates include international rail operators, engineering businesses and organisations with close operational links to rail. Our Affiliate list includes:

    • Digital Trains
    • Eurotunnel
    • Heathrow Airport
    • Innovace Design Limited
    • Irish Rail
    • Korea Railroad Research Institute
    • Merseytravel
    • National Express Rail Germany
    • Public Transport Authority Western Australia
    • Rail Freight Group
    • Toshiba Japan
    • Translink NI
    • Transport for London

    See a full list of RSSB Affiliates.

  • What type of resources does RSSB offer?

    We offer:

    • Tools: to help with everything from risk assessment and cost-benefit analyses to recruiting Wellbeing Champions
    • Models: a range of descriptions or representations of key rail industry systems
    • Guidance: best practice information and briefings on a range of rail industry projects
    • Catalogues: access to all RSSB standards and R&D projects
    • Reports and information: safety performance reports and R&D project findings

    See our services and resources.

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