The scheme facilitates the development of products and solutions by enabling sharing of the costs and risks associated. It encourages stakeholder 'buy-in' to the delivery and implementation of the outputs and in doing so it ensures findings are shared across the industry to avoid duplication and allow cross-fertilisation.

Eligibility for the Grant Scheme

For a research proposal to be eligible these conditions must be met:

  1. The application must be made by a consortium of at least two potential users of the research outputs, one of which must be a RSSB member. A list of RSSB members can be found on the RSSB website at
  2. The RSSB member shall play a key role in the consortium, including providing a financial and/or in-kind contribution.
  3. The project must be research or development. Commercial product development cannot be included, though work to produce early prototypes or carry out trials may considered, if a generic benefit can be shown.
  4. There must be a wider benefit to the rail industry from the work.
  5. Intellectual property rights must be formally agreed in advance, and findings are expected to be published after an agreed period.
  6. The consortium should have an agreement in place, with an identified lead organisation, for contractual purposes.
  7. Grants are made up to a maximum of 50% of the total combined incremental ‘in-kind’ and ‘cash’ costs associated with the project. The consortium’s total contribution must be made up of at least 20% cash, the remainder being in-kind contributions.

Assessment of your Proposal

Proposals are assessed on three criteria with equal weighting. Award decisions are based on the relative strengths shown in these areas. The results of the assessment will be fed back to applicants.

Assessment criterion: