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Research Project Catalogue



'Snap wands' and low location marking systems for emergency lighting on passenger vehicles (T052)
A People Centred Approach to Intelligent, Proactive, Predictive (PCIPP) Asset Management using Remote Condition Monitoring
A Proof of Concept Trial Demonstrating 900 MHz Wireless Internet Protocol Connectivity. (T795)
A competence needs analysis for trainers and their line managers (T588)
A guide to RSSB research in Community Safety (T846)
A guide to RSSB research in Control, Command and Signalling (T932)
A guide to RSSB research in Infrastructure (T931)
A guide to RSSB research in Operational Safety (T838)
A guide to RSSB research in Road-Rail Interface Safety (T907)
A guide to RSSB research in Rolling Stock (T929)
A guide to RSSB research in safety, policy and risk management (T938)
A guide to RSSB research in station safety (T828)
A guide to RSSB research into Energy (T928)
A model for optimising competence retention in the railway (skills fade) (T717)
A review of passenger train dispatch from stations (T743)
A review of potential efficiency and effectiveness improvements in rail industry supplier assurance (T833)
A review of principles of decision-making in the rail industry (T224)
A review of the process used to introduce speed restrictions and driver compliance with them (T1044)
A single Automatic Warning System (AWS) receiver for DC and Non-DC operation (T309)
A statistical review of the RSSB Safety Risk Model (T127)
A strategy to develop future railway communications systems (T351)
A survey of current practices in safety-related decision making (T126)
ALCHEMy: rAil-energy knowLedge exCHange on Emerging Materials (COF-NMC-02)
AWS Testing - the way forward (T808)
Active Pantograph for Improved Current Collection (COF-R14-01)

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