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Data and Risk Strategy

The digital revolution has seen a proliferation of data and is producing the capabilities and tools to turn it into actionable intelligence for the rail industry.

We are helping our members and the wider rail industry make a step change in managing risks to safety, health and wellbeing on Britain’s railways by developing better information, processes and tools to fulfil a future vision of safety management.

Britain’s railways are among the safest in Europe and highly regarded for their approach to data, analysis and evidence-based decision making. This helps individual companies and industry groups to make decisions about where to invest time, resource and funds to improve safety and performance. As part of the industry's health and safety strategy, there is a commitment to improve this capability through next generation reporting systems and risk models.

Currently there is over-reliance on too many disparate systems and approaches, leading to duplication and inconsistencies. The opportunity to seize the latest technology and create better benchmarking is in danger of being missed.

Data and Risk Strategy storyboard image

The vision therefore to support tomorrow’s rail industry with new risk models, maintained and evolved locally, using live data, and for these modes to drive timely interventions and decisions at all levels, in essence “the risk intelligence that a world class railway needs, efficiently provided to the right people in the right format and at the right time”.

Components of the strategy include:

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