An important step in tackling trespass is to thoroughly understand trespass events. A better understanding of trespass events and why they are occurring will help to select and design interventions. 

Ideally a full understanding of trespass events will be informed by Risk Assessment (RA). More information on trespass risk assessment is also presented in these RSSB web pages – click here to find out more.

Guidance, provided here, to help better understand and then profile trespass event includes:

This guidance is based on knowledge and evidence from a RSSB research study. Motivations and other influencing factors can only be inferred and suggested interventions are generic providing a starting point to help think about how to intervene to reduce trespass risk. Importantly Intervention should be selected based on a comprehensive understanding of the specific and contextual issues surrounding each trespass event.

Find out more information on different forms of interventions with estimates of effectiveness and considerations on their application.