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Safety Risk Model results

Safety Risk Model results

Chris Harrison

Principal Risk Analyst

A good understanding of risk is required to deliver a safer, more efficient and sustainable rail system. RSSB’s Safety Risk Model (SRM) provides a network-wide view of risk and is used by companies and projects to support risk-based decision making.

SRM version 8.5

The current version of the SRM is version 8.5.  A brief overview of SRM version 8.5 is available to download, which includes an introduction to the SRM, how it has been updated for version 8.5, and some high-level results.

A more detailed summary of the risk estimates for SRM version 8.5 is given in the following tables which are available to download:

  • Table A1 which gives a breakdown of risk at the sub-hazardous event level
  • Table A2 which gives reasons for the changes in risk from the previous version of the SRM to version 8.5
  • Table B1 which provides the most detailed breakdown of risk to the precursor level.

The downloadable files were last updated on 19 April 2018.

A short technical report is available to download here.  Detailed presentation of risk information will also be included in the 2017/18 Annual Safety Performance Report, which will be published in July 2018.

For previous versions of the SRM, an SRM-Risk Profile Bulletin (SRM-RPB) has been produced.  A revised version of the SRM-RPB has not been written for SRM version 8.5.  Version 8 of the SRM-RPB provides additional background information on how the SRM risk estimates for version 8.5 have been calculated, including the scope of the SRM, key definitions and assumptions.  An archive of previous versions of the SRM-RPB is available.

The SRM can be used to develop a transport operator’s risk profile through the SRM-Risk Profile Tool (SRM-RPT).  RSSB plans to release an updated SRM-RPT incorporating new risk values in autumn 2018.