RISAS briefing notes

Current RISAS briefing notes

Assessment of Depot Facilities

Live May 2011

To provide further detail of the information relating to depot facilities to be provided as part of the assessment and the minimum acceptable levels for these facilities.

Out-of-course supplier issues

Live June 2015

To provide guidance for cases where suppliers experience out-of-course issues.

Application of S1 and S4 Service Product Groups

Live May 2011

To provide clarification on which elements of Service Product Groups S1 and S4 are applicable to organisations procuring or carrying out attention to vehicles or systems and to describe the elements expected to be contained in any certificate.

New Suppliers

Live Jan 2015

To provide clarification on RISAS approval of new suppliers. One of the key elements in a RISAS assessment is a review of activity associated with the product or service currently being produced. A new supplier to the Rail Industry will not have any suitable production to be assessed. However, RISAS should not be a barrier to entry. This briefing note gives guidance on how a new supplier may approach RISAS assessment and become a mature part of the rail supply base. It should be read in conjunction with RISAS standard RISAS/003

Procurement & Materials Management

Live Jan 2015

To provide clarification/guidance on the process for determining the make-up of assessment teams in relation to procurement and materials management. It should be read in conjunction with RISAS standard RISAS/003, particularly Part B, 5.2.

ECM Certification

Live Sep 2015

To provide instruction and guidance to RISABs when undertaking a RISAS S01 or S04 assessment which is also intended to support certification of all or part of the applicant’s organisation as an Entity in Charge of Maintenance under community regulation 445/2011/EC.

Assessing Human Factors and Organisational Culture

Live May 2015

To provide background, guidance and recommended assessment approach for the new assessment criteria to address human factors and organisational culture in RISAS assessments.

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