Trespass Bowtie

We have helped the rail industry work together to construct a “bow tie”, as a way of illustrating the relationship between risk controls and the hazards they intend to prevent.

'Reducing Trespass on Britain’s Railway’ is an industry strategy to reduce trespass in CP6. It is aligned to the rail industry strategy Leading Health and Safety on Great Britain’s Railway which targets trespass under the category of ‘Public Behaviour’, within its 12 key priorities. The CP6 trespass strategy was created in a collaborative industry effort to achieve a long-term, sustained and industry-wide response to reverse the current trend of rising trespass levels and drive them down in the future. The Trespass Risk Group in conjunction with the Trespass Improvement Programme will be planning their activities to support delivery of the strategy to achieve a continuous, sustainable reduction in suicide and trespass incidents on Britain’s railway.”

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