Who uses SMIS?

SMIS is the rail industry’s national database for recording safety-related events that occur on the rail network in Britain.

This page contains information on who uses SMIS and what type of SMIS access is available for your organisation

SMIS is accessible to a wide range of rail companies. This includes those that manage infrastructure and/or operate trains on the GB operational railway.

Currently around 70 different organisations use SMIS. These include infrastructure managers such as Network Rail, passenger and freight train operating companies, ROSCOs and a number of principal contractors.

Different access is provided to companies that are RSSB members and meet the following criteria:

Full access

Full access means that an organisation has agreed to input data into SMIS and has full access to the information in the system, except for some fields that contain personal information about individuals.

The requirement to enter data in SMIS forms part of the ORR’s licencing conditions to operate trains, stations, networks and/or light maintenance depots. These conditions obligate licensees to become RSSB members and to abide by the Railway Group Standards and Railway Industry Standards that apply to their operations. Further information on SMIS event entry requirements can be found on the Conditions of use webpage.

Output access

Output access means that an organisation has access to outputs from SMIS, but is not able to input data into SMIS. This type of access is provided to a small number of organisations, such as ROSCOs, that would not themselves be the 'owners' of events within the scope of SMIS reporting. But industry has agreed that sharing information with them delivers a system-wide safety benefit.

Limited input-only access is available to RSSB affiliate members who manage GB stations.

RSSB publishes aggregate information from SMIS in its regular safety reports. It also provides a data request service to its members and other key stakeholders, including the Department for Transport, the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) and the Rail Accident Investigation Branch. The ORR does not have direct access to SMIS, although much of RIDDOR reporting is done through the system and it receives a regular report of RIDDOR-reportable events every two days.

If you’re a SMIS user and you have any questions about how to use the system please contact us via the Service Desk.

If your organisation doesn't use SMIS but you would like to find out more about it, please get in touch with us via our Customer Service Portal.


SMIS Full Access List
SMIS Full Access List
SMIS output access
SMIS Output Access List
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