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Rule Book App – how to get on board

Rule Book on an iPad

​Arranging for your teams to have access to the Rule Book App is a quick and easy process.

Currently, the app is exclusively available to RSSB members under licence.

This means that companies need to formally ‘sign up’ to arrange to use the app – but this is very easy.

It also means you can’t purchase the app through the app stores yet. We plan to make the app more widely available, to both members and non-members, in 2018, when it will be available to purchase through the app stores.

How to get on board

  • Get in touch with our team at RSSB who can talk you through the options, and agree with you the best way of your organisation adopting the app for staff.
  • Working with us, we can help you clarify:
  • How many users you need to have access to the app
  • What device platform you’re using (Android, iOS or Windows)
  • When you want to launch the app to your staff
  • Whether you already use centralised software to “push” apps on to your staff’s devices - the Rule Book app can be pushed in the same way
  • What the licence fees will be.
    • Members get a substantial discount on the app and it’s free-of-charge until April 2018. Arranging payment is easy and can be paid once for all staff using the app, once a year. Apart from these annual licence fees, there are no other costs.
    • We can also support you with templates and messages to use with your staff to help explain the benefits of the app, and how it works.
    • Development work has shown the app is extremely reliable and resilient, but if problems arise, technical support is available.
    • RSSB is on hand to manage any account queries, assist in changing the number of licenses you hold or any other general request.

    Risk assessment

    Deploying the Rule Book app could mean people work differently. Just like any other change, you’ll need to manage this within your Safety Management System and take appropriate measures as required to manage risks. If the change is assessed to be a significant change (under CSM-RA) you will need to take additional measures, and guidance is available from ORR and RSSB.

    Terms and conditions

    Full terms and conditions of the licence agreement are available to view. 

    Next steps

    If you’re the lead decision maker in this area or have a say in the way your teams use the Rule Book, and you’re interested in adopting the app, please get in touch with Phil Hibberd at RSSB: or call Phil on 020 3142 5300.

    If you use the Rule Book yourself and would like your own company to consider the app, talk to your Operations Director or others in your senior management teams.

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