This guide is aimed firstly at management level and above. It contains both information about setting up a modern slavery risk management system and processes; and information that should be communicated to all staff about how to spot and deal with potential victims.

Modern slavery is an umbrella term, which encompasses slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking. Victims are controlled by force, threat, coercion and/or deception. They can include both adults or children and also workers who have the legal right to work and reside in the UK.

Modern slavery may be far more widespread than some people believe. While UK government figures in 2014 put the figure at between 10,000 and 13,000 for potential victims of modern slavery, the Walk Free Foundation's 2018 report put the figure for Great Britain at about 136,000.

Good governance for managing modern slavery risks means not only developing and implementing policies and procedures for your own company, but also within your supply chain. The guide contains useful information about employing staff and labour resources and selecting resource suppliers. 

The guide includes links to useful online sources of information to help develop your own policies and processes.

Two appendices cover how to comply with modern slavery law and a quick checklist. The checklist begins with minimum requirements and progresses to best practices.

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