National Freight Safety Group Steering Group

    NFSG SG provides governance and assurance to the Rail Delivery Group Freight Board (RDG FB) for the Leading Health and Safety on Britain’s Railway (LHSBR) strategy and associated delivery plans. It also provides guidance to, and receives feedback from, RDG FB on risk and programme delivery expectations.


    NFSG SG is the cross-industry group dedicated to leading collaborative work on freight safety.  Its focus is to:

    • Provide stakeholder management and interactions on health, safety and wellbeing on behalf of RDG FB
    • Produce an annual report on progress against the freight charter, with the forward programme for the next 12 months
    • Take an overview of the national risk profile for freight and provide guidance in developing mitigation strategies
    • Review the top five risks using dashboard and scorecard reports associated with the Integrated Plan for Freight Safety, including using the Precursor Indicator Model (PIM) and Safety Risk Model (SRM)
    • Monitor emerging risks through Horizon Scanning to inform mitigation plans 
    • Review project delivery to understand the value added against the plan and lessons learnt
    • Inducting group members and agreed deputies to the aims and operation of the NFSG SG
    • Steer the National Freight Safety Group (NFSG) on the annual safety plan review
    • Lead on cross-industry benchmarking to understand risks and opportunities
    • Learn from high potential incidents
    • Review the Rail Wellbeing Alliance outputs and consider how to incorporate these into plans and outputs
    • Discuss the opportunities and freight industry approach to new technologies to improve health and safety.

    Message from the chair

    Our aim is to protect and enhance the reputation of rail freight by continually seeking to reduce our risk profile. NFSG SG provides assurance to and takes direction from RDG FB on issues relating to the collaborative delivery of the LHSBR strategy. We provide governance to NFSG, and ensure that we understand the freight risk profile using a data driven approach. We also look to industries who collaborate well in competitive markets to learn how we can mature our approach to drive improvements.


      The group’s membership is made up of the following industry categories:

      • Non-passenger train operators
      • Infrastructure manager
      • RSSB.
      Chair of committee: Geoff Spencer , RSSB
      RSSB main representative: Phil Hibberd , RSSB
      Other Members
      Other members
      Peter Williams
      Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
      Infrastructure Manager
      Marc Binney
      DB Cargo (UK) Limited
      Non Passenger Train Operator
      Stuart Anderson
      GB Railfreight Limited
      Non Passenger Train Operator
      Dougie Hill
      Direct Rail Services Limited
      Non Passenger Train Operator
      David Ethell
      Louise Ward
      Freightliner Limited
      Freight Company
      Phil Hibberd
      Steve Rhymes
      Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
      Infrastructure Manager
      Annette Edgington
      Rail Operations (UK) Ltd
      Non Passenger Train Operator
      Geoff Spencer
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